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dyed my hair kids... i like it tho.

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dyed my hair kids... i like it tho.

<img src= soooo.... i broke down and dyed my hair. first time in forever, but i think i like it..

<img src= http://img59.photobucket.com/albums/v180/fromchaos/P1010009.jpg>

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dread dance

undwinding the hair from my voodoo dolls neck

its crazy sometimes to catch a glimpse of some quality in a person that you havent seen in ages. maybe something you once thought defined a person but as of late, has almost completly vanished. and catching that single glimpse, if only for a moment, is so precious and so heartbreaking at the same time.

im exhausted
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Since some hateful person cut the brake line things on my bike (at least, thats the best I can figure, they dont just snap do they?), I think I'm going to take it apart and give it a new paintjob before I get the brakes fixed.
I haven't ridden my bike since it happened. But I really want to take it to school with me next semester. AND I would have liked to have had it on numerous occasons since then.

argh. why oh why. lol

Sometimes I wish I didnt have friends filters.. because I feel like I'm hiding so much stuff from my friends.. If i couldnt filter the entries, Id be forced to make them private, or else not write them at all. maybe I'd be better off that way.

i have never been a fan of sad bastard music, but lately its just driving me up the wall.

i need to bathe. desperately. YES you needed to know that. shut up
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okay. here is a much needed update of info...

my new email- tribechaos@earthlink.net

AIM screen name- NoGreed NoThreat

msn messenger- bornagainanarchist

there ya's go...

i think im gonna go back to bed. maybe.
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it seems i've become totally addicted to caffeine. which is kind of a drag.

i was driving home at like 230ish this morning and remembered the funniest thing.
years ago, when i was dating david, i was to be part of a wedding or something.. thus i had to get my nails done. being the nice guy he is, he suffered through the stinky place one day before his band's practice while some creepy-ish men worked away at my fingernails.
anyway.. the funny part is some woman sat in the waitng area the whole time we were there and sucked down an entire diet coke and a whole bag of marshmallow bunnies. i dont know why but i thought it was the funniest thing in the world at the time.

remembering it today was a total bonus.

it's been quite a week of old memories and messed up dreams.
dread dance


it is 630 am. im typing this in 'notepad' because i dont have the energy to wait on the stupid internet to connect, so i'll post this later... its unusual for me to remember more htan one dream a night... but lately ive been remembering lots of htem. at least two or three.
most of htem are pretty average, but a few of em have been puzzling me. and i thought i'd type it up before i return to bed.

i was driving my car, i did not recognize the area. i was riding waay too close to the car in front of me and i could tell they were getting pissed off, i never do this in real life. they were angry (i would have been angry at me too). we got to where there were two lanes and it was in a tunnel, there was a car in front of them, and as i went to pass them, they went around on the otehr side of hte car into a slim area between the wall of this tunnel and the lane, well, around the bend there was a big gas truck stopped on the side of the road and this car drove smack dab into it.
for some reason, i stop my car and start screaming like a nutcase that this truck is going to explode and that everyone (who, because of me, had stopped their cars) needed to run for dear life. how this seemed more logical than driving away is beyond me. but they (lots of people) followed me in running like mad through this tunnel and dodging traffic to get outside where we were next to some gas station and the back of what appeared to be an abandoned factory, and everyone just sort of hung out here. it seemed like i was in charfge of this for some reason, people were asking me questions and offering me smokes and what not.
the people who crashed into the truck were also outside and said nothing to me. just threw dirtly glances my way. i didnt approach them either.

i think this is the first dream i've had about work since i started at don pablos.
i was at work and one of the servers, greyson was there. i was working, but also like, chillin and talkin to him. we were arguing over a drink or something. not real arguing. just fake bitching like we do at work here and there. i remember it started raining. i saw some other girls come in and say something about frappacino and my hair. couldnt say what exactly. this dream didnt make any decent sense. it was more like a dream fart. or something.
and a side note, even tho this guy at work is not nearly as cool as ddreadedloki.. he reminded me a lot of him in the dream.

thats it. i think i might post that first one in a dream interpretation community or something.. cuz its bugging me.

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its a total drag when you go to post in your journal and you realize everything you might want to write about has been said a million times already.

barf. explode.
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